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OG - The Ice Cream Sandwich Update

Jack Holt

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So like most folk with the OG Transformer I damn near peed myself when I saw the update announcement for the ICS update. That next morning the first thing I did, right after I shut off my alarm, was check for the update and WOOT!!!! It was there!!!! I downloaded it and fell in love with my tablet. Well I am about a week into it and I have to say I am a wee bit sad. I still love the update but the device restarts itself 3 - 4 times a day and it get's frustrating. I am curious, is anyone else out there having this issue?

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My Transformer got the ICS update and yes, it does the reboot thing. It never does it while I am in the middle of using though, it seems. Always when it has just been sitting there on for a while. So it hasn't really caused me any great inconvenience beyond just knowing it shouldn't do that and wishing they would solve it.

Time to slap a custom one on

Yeah... I rooted my Epic and flashed a custom ROM and I love it. I can't explain why but I'm nervous about doing it to my tablet. What is a good ROM for a Transformer? Anyone know of any?

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