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I've been watching the MotoActv for a while now. I really want one, but haven't been able to justify it yet. I bike a lot everyday, it would be sweet to keep track , play music, and check messages on the phone while riding.

If only they would hurry up with version 2. It needs better battery life, more than a fitness focus, and official support for non Motorola phones. Still, I really want to root one of these suckers! :D



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Well here it a couple months later and I finally pulled the trigger on the MotoActv. I was able to get it an 8GB for $220 at Best Buy with the wrist strap included for free. Also, now the device is officially supported on non Moto phones which is good news for my Galaxy Nexus. I have to say this thing is fantastic. To quote Apple, it just works. I can tell a lot of thought and love went into this device. It's the little things like a flick of the wrist to wake and glance at the clock for a 5 second interval. The one touch for music and workout is dead simple. The UI is good too, despite it being blur! Swishing through the menus is perfectly fluid, perhaps the best I've seen on Android, though obviously the elements on screen aren't as processor intense. Getting texts on the tiny screen are instantaneous and being able to see the caller id on my wrist while biking and be able to answer using the included headphones with inline microphone is pretty satisfying feeling. There's a lot of "smart" baked into this device, for instance I start running and MotoActv realizes its time to start logging activity, meanwhile I never even touched it. Its been keeping track of what music correlates to my increased activity too, so when I slow down it knows how to motivate me. I'm just starting to delve into the fitness aspect but I'm already wildly impressed. I've played with the Sony LiveView, and the Sony Smartwatch and to me, if it weren't for the apps, they wouldn't hold a candle, at all. It feels really well built and premium. I'll be taking more notes as I use it, but feel free to AMA.

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The MOTOACTV quietly updated today and now can display Facebook, Twitter, and Accuweather! I've been wanting weather on this thing for quite some time now and its finally here. Now if it would only do Gmail...

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