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Galaxy S2 crash


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Please help!  My S2 has crashed I am getting errors on start up - THe application IM (process com.sec.android.im) has stopped unexpectedly please try again - click on OK and then comes up with another error the same such as the above but different process.


I have no idea how to re-install anything and lost without my phone.



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Ok, sorted the problem.  Well I say I, it was actually my wonderful fiancé.


Issue solved
  • Boot in recovery mode > Choose "Wipe cache partition" and reboot.

No need to Factory reset and lose all data.


The fix is below:

  1. Turn off the phone.
  2. Boot in recovery mode (holding volume up key + home key + power button at same time).
  3. Choose the fourth option "wipe cache partition" (using the volume keys to select option and then Home button to excecute).
  4. Allow to reboot normally and problem solved.
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Exactly the same happened to my phone. After following the above steps did it work immediately? I've done this and after choosing the reboot option some of the text becomes red and I am still getting the error messages - any help would be appreciated! Thanks

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Well, i am afraid but now time time you need to reload the firmware onto your device. for the download the latest version of odin and go to the sam mobile firmware section and download the appropriate stock firmware for your device. once all done flash it into your device. 

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I had a similar problem sob sob :(

Awww... that's weird ! I would say as I have already mentioned that OP of this thread to reload the firmware again over to you device, i.e. it can be done by heading over to the the sammobile/firmware section, get the stock ROM for your S2 downloaded. Now next thing to do is get the latest version of the ODIN downloaded, which can be done by simply googling out. Once you have the ODIN and the Stock ROM now its time to connect your device to PC with the help of the USB, get your device to the download mode, and then use the odin to flash the ROM all done wait for a while until your device reboots and you can enjoy the stock ROM again ! :) 

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OH WOW!! Perfect! Problem solved! thanks so much guys!

for how long that my daughter askin me to trouble shoot her S2 with the same problem, 

and now that i got time on my PC in just one click! i found out the solution through this forums!


Shes so pretty contented!

Thank you!

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