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Hello everybody!

I’m quite new to this Android software programming; that’s why I’m having a lot of difficulties in especially launching apps I create in my phone or launching them on emulators via Eclipse. So; let me quickly tell you about it:

When I try to launch the app I created using Eclipse on my phone (GalaxyS+ I9001), as you can see in the first image, I’m getting “Force close” error:




You can witness by looking at the second and third images that there is none of coding errors within the XML codes of the app:




I’ve already tried several different emulators of different DPIs (NexusS, NexusOne, Nexus7); however, the error still persists.

I’ve searched about this on the net but couldn’t find anybody suffering from a similar problem (probably because I’m noober than any developer). But how can I get over this force close error?

P.S: You might want to suggest me using “Debug” thing but even though Eclipse shows in which line there are errors that need to be corrected, I don’t know what to do to solve it or correct it. That’s why you should maybe suggest me another way out of this?

P.S 2: I haven’t rooted my phone, nor have I installed any custom ROMs.

Thanks in advance. Good luck for everyone out there... 

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