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Share your Android to answer calls

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sometimes,we are in a hurry to slide to unlock the Android phone for the call,but there is an app named ShakeCall app at Google Play Store. it gets the features that enable you to shake your phone to answer the call. :ph34r: 


information from:about-google-android.blogspot.com/2013/04/shake-your-android-phone-to-answer-calls.html



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This type of Software is used by organizations, small business owners and self-employed individuals as well with a view to grow their business in size and profit. Generally, they help in recording and analyzing call log, making reports on call records, and other call management purposes.

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well it is interesting but most of the time i forget to switch it off and what happens is it automatically picks up while i am walking or ...... :)  Other wise liked this app. I've also been using aircall in it when you receive a call just slide your hand over the phone light sensor and call gets automatically picked up.  :)  :)

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