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a little help please... possible water damage


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Well long story short (yet still too long), my atrix 4g just fell into some water, half of the phone (on the longer edge) was submerged for a good 10 or 15 seconds. It seemed fine, just the volume indicator showed up so i know the volume key shorted out. I have rubber micro usb, hdmi, and headphone covers which hopefully bought me some time. I quickly pulled the battery, sd, and sim. I used a hair dryer on it for a good few minutes (no heat, just air) and figured that was good enough. I went to power it back on and the M logo boot screen was normal, although the indicator light had a very faint green glow which was unusual. When it got to the cyanogenmod boot screen it seemed pretty distorted, i could still make out the logo and everything but it was odd.. Right now it's in rice and I'm gonna try it again tomorrow morning. What are the chances that it will return to normal if i try it again tomorrow? I'm hoping that theres just some water shorting out the right things to make the screen that way, yet maybe return to normal tomorrow after it dries up and is no longer shorting-ie no long term damage.


I really appreciate any prompt responses, and yes I'm probably screwed.

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I don't know anything about atrix, but I just want to tell you to not give up if it's not working after just one day in the rice.  Sometimes it has taken 3 or 4 days in the rice before a phone has come back to life.  So even though you did the air from the hair dryer, give it a few more days in the rice before you decide it's a lost cause.  Good luck! 

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