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Multiplacation of data within each "People" record


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I was recommended to reset to factory settings as my Wildfire S was playing up. It would reject calls; had memory problems; amongst other things.


Last night, I down loaded all my numbers to my SD card and reset my phone to factory settings. I then uploaded my numbers back again. When going into each persons record card, the data on each has been multiplied (within the entry) numerous times. Some only twice, some 6 or 8 times, and that is not just the phone number. Where it has happened, it happens to every entry on the card e.g. if a card has a mobile & home numbers, email address & birthday each of these records has been multiplied the same number of times.


Does anyone know why this has happened and how to sort it without having to go into each record (I have over 900 so would prefer not to have to go and do it all manually!!)





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