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First time poster here so go easy on me!

I've just bought a MK808B android mini PC from geekbuying.com,should be delivered within 2 weeks.I'll use it mainly in my bedroom as that TV has 2 HDMI outputs.However my main TV is an older flatscreen with no HDMI ports.It just has the old scart connections and VGA connection.

-Is there any way I can use the MK808B on the older TV?

-Can I plug it into the USB port on my DVD player and then connect to TV through scart?

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Just for interest I bought a little usb sound card from DX for $7 and plugged it in. You can switch from HDMI to PnP in settings/sound etc

So if I got one of these and a hdmi adapter, would the MK808B work on my old flat screen?
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Oh no I don't think so. I am a mere novice so please anyone correct me but I believe SCART and VGA are both analogue whilst HDMI is digital. You need something in between to convert one to the other. Could not be sure about DVD player. What is the USB port designed for? You can buy a HDMI-VGA cable but you may well fry you stuff using it as it is for a different system entirely.

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