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Calendar task/appointment/to do app etc

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Hello all,
I am new to android and tablets so I am feeling my way but learning quickly.

I am looking for the best app (and free if possible) for nexus 7 that is a calendar and a task/appointment etc organiser. I would like the tasks/appts to show in the calendar but I also want it to provide me with a list of tasks that can be beside or below the calendar. I would like the list of tasks to show as many tasks as i want (at least a week or 2) and not only just what is on "today". It would be great if the task/events/appts i create reflected automatically into the calender from the task creation or vice versa.

I have looked at several apps which have lots of bells and whistles which I do not need at this time but will not do what i have descibed above.. I really want an app that does the above and allows me me to add recurring events if possible. I does not need to do much more than i need.

Can the forum please help me. Thankyou for your assistance and regards


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