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Bizarre problem

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I have an HTC One S, which started downloading and installing random apps from the Play Store last night. I downloaded Avast, hoping it might clear what I can only assume is a virus (I've not downloaded any apps or done anything other than browse facebook or the Guardian for a while, so no idea where I'd have picked one up). I've run the android update, which became available a couple days ago, as it seemed to have stopped, but now today it is back to downloading random crap from the Play Store.

The only way I seem to be able to stop it doing this is to turn off wifi and mobile data. I've set the Play Store to only download over wifi, but it still downloads over mobile data if the wifi is off.

Help! I'd like to be able to use the internet on my phone, but at this rate I'd have to give up using it that way, as it would run through my data in a morning, I'd think! Plus I'm getting rather sick of having to uninstall loads of gambling, game, notebook and other random stuff I don't want.

Thanks for any advice.


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