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Frustrated with backup / root of android phone - Samsung galaxy grand - pls help


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Frustrated with backup / root of android phone - Samsung galaxy grand - pls help


Hi Experts,

I have been reading and reading and reading threads and posts from last so many days to make sure I understand before rooting my newly purchased Samsung galaxy grand I9082.


However even after trying my best I am still confused. Pls help me clarify following questions.


Pls see my phone's existing firmware / OS status: Refer link below or attached screenshot




Q 1. I trust my above phone is right now having latest firmware from Samsung? How do i root without downgrading my firmware?

(Many forum posts seems to suggest rooting process but it downgrades firmware i believe)


Q2. After rooting can i continue to use Kies?


Q3. After rooting can i continue to update Samsung future updates?


Q4. What’s best effective backup method before rooting?


Q5. Will it be possible to safely revert back to position right now after rooting?


Pls address my questions in sufficient detail so that I can realize my dream of rooted android phone.


Thank you in advance for your time.


Anxiously looking forward for your helpful replies to move forward pls.

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The best way is to back up all your important data like Contacts, Messages, Photos and Videos. Create a new drop box account. Download Trubackup from here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tfl.tbp . Install and run the app. The user interface is very friendly. So I don't think you would be facing any trouble. After successful installation, you will be able to store all of your data into your dropbox account. Now you can easily format your android device. 

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You can try to install and run Android Data Recovery if you want to backup your data. And you won't be frustrated with root of Android phone. The program will automatically help you to backup your phone. Contacts, messages, photos and videos can be restored. I lost my contacts last month, and I used this software to recover them. I learn from this: Samsung Contact Backup

Hope my suggestion will help you.

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As for backup Android data , the Andorid Rescuer can be used to backup all the data to computer , after all , i have used it ,

About the phone root , i found it on the Google, then i install this app on my computer and use a cable to connect my phone to computer ,
Turn on it , the root app can root Samsung ,and other device safety ,
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