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droid razrm shuts down on its own

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Crazy..I never know when it will shut down..checked it in the morning when i got up, it was ok..a couple hours later it was shut down..it's done this quite a few times during the day and in the middle of the night..locks up and very hard to get booted back up again too..very fustrating. HELP...its not even 30 days old...maybe i should take it back to verizon befor its too late..

thanks for any suggestions you may have

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Sorry to hear that friend. Could it maybe be a battery problem? My younger brothers cheap android phone (ZTE Merit) started having battery problems really early, of course it was a cheap phone and that's to be expected, but technology can play with you like this. Did you try a secondary battery? Maybe your charging cable is having some problems? You could be better off just going to verizon and seeing what they have to say.

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