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Android Market Now "Google Play"

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We just got wind of some interesting news thanks to Jack Holt. Google just announced it is changing the Android Market to Google Play. Will include a host of improvements in addition to unifying a lot of its services into one major app. Talk Android has been following it closely as you folks know already. Me personally: Not sure if I should be excited or worried... but then again, what do I know? You folks excited?

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I'm not excited at all. Android Market has a firm brand now, Google Play sounds like a place for games, worse, the word Play is being built up by RIM for its Playbook. So now RIM has Playbook, and Google has Google Play?


[ It sort of seems interesting, depending on how far RIM takes their Android emulation... Google Play on the RIM Playbook might make alot of sense ]

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Redemption: It's funny you say that. When I first installed and opened Google Play I noticed it still looks like the Market, but the first thing I thought of was Google pawned off the Market to some other company to take control/care of.

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