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SII Skyrocket screen malfunction

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Hi there, my first post here.   :)


I am in need of some help with my SII Skyrocket.


I recently replaced the battery as it went from 92% charge to 7% in about 15 seconds, and could not hold any charge. Right from this moment, even before replacing the battery but after the battery had the problem, I am having an issue with the screen.


Check this video on Youtube so that you can understand it:



The phone is constantly making that sound, as if it is being connected to a charger/usb cable. When this is happening, the screen turns unresponsive to long-presses, and has issues to recognize regular touch features. I have noticed that this does not happen so often when it has almost full charge (maybe 90% or more), but still happens. When the phone is plugged to the charger, the issue ussualy dissappears after a few minutes. I have restored the phone's software, but the problem persists.


If anyone had this problem or has any idea what could be causing it, I would really appreciate it.


Thanks!   :D







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