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Hi there! ;-)


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My name's Maciej and I'm Polish. Since 2009yr I'm studying at the Poznan University of Technology (Electronics and Telecommunications) and I came here when I was looking for some news about Android and Google Play. For a half year I'm also studying (rather as a hobby) Android programming and I made a few little apps for my university, maybe I'll also develop some useful apps for everyone, and then I'll post them :)


Greetings from Poland! :)

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Hello ra09ahz, nice to meet you and thanks for adding me to friends list :) At this moment I'm programming basic programs for my university, students and employees. First one contains news from deanery (that are being downloaded from the website, and have automatic updates), contacts to all lecturers (with nice feature - buttons that directly open a call or gmail, if we choose "send an email"). Of course there are other features like schedules (who uses printed schedules novadays?) or built-in website.

Other apps are similar but this night I was thinking about something like a song book with guitar chords, I didn't find this kinda app in Polish, so maybe in future I could make also English version :) I'm also interested in automation and robotics and I'm gonna write the program like this one:


it's amazing! :-)

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