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Boot Loop with no Recovery Mode

S1lent Echoes

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Hi all, I have an Android tablet (Diablotek D2-721, very cheap I know, but it serves its purpose) that is stuck in a boot loop. The real problem here is that this device apparently does not have any sort of recovery mode and being in a boot loop means it does not get recognized by ADB or any firmware flashing software.

I researched all day yesterday perusing forum after forum but almost every single solution requires booting into recovery. Is anyone able to shed any light and tell me what my options might be at this point?

Thanks in advance.

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The matter is null now. I just took it back and got another tablet, one with a recovery mode.

For anyone searching on this D2-721 tablet, be wary because with no recovery mode available it is very hard if nigh impossible to recover from a lot of things normally recoverable from any Android device. I tried for two days and spent hours pouring through forums but in the end my computer just could not talk to the tablet while in a boot loop. And trust me, I tried everything.

Thanks for the responses and help, it was appreciated.

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