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video buffering/loading problem makes video watching impossible..


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hi there , 

recently after the death of my laptop, i decide to dust off my handy android tablet, a 2.3.1 honeycomb. unfortunately one problem that remains constant is the inability to buffer/load videos whilst paused, which makes watching any lengthy video on any site impossible to watch.


if i attempt to watch a long-ish video it stutters, pauses and buffers, which is what typically happens on a laptop due to the average internet speeds in the area. only difference is that when i pause it, it will buffer/load for no longer than 3 minutes before giving up for good, so my only option is to refresh the screen or watch the 3 minutes...then refresh the screen anyway..


ive tried all available browsers, searched google endlessly for some kind of non-youtube-centric non-answer and i've checked for updates, looked for adjustments on the adobe flash plug in, empited cache, reset... pretty much everything i can knowingly do and nothing works.


so tell me, is there any way to fix this , such as forcing my android to buffer as with any laptop/pc or is this just a permanent issue with said devices

thankyou in advance

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