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Android Home Screen Prototype

jp burdett

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Hi everyone,


We have developed an ICS prototype which is our vision of the next step in the consumer tablet experience. It is an adaptive home screen replacement that changes the Android UI to best suit your needs in context of user, location and time of day.


We are looking for feedback on the overall concept and the UI. What do you think? Does it sound like something you would like to use? Any functions that you would consider must haves?


View more info and images here: http://chameleon.teknision.com/ and you can view the prototype in action here






Thanks for your help and looking forward to your thoughts.



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That looks pretty amazing JP. If you truly are looking to target manufacturers, I think you will have a hard time getting them to bite. If it was created for the end user then you have a winner on your hands!! You got me super interested :rolleyes:

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Wow ! I really need this !

The only thing i'm thinking about is : "Can i manually switch from a contect to another ?".

If i work at home, can i switch from a working dashboard and a home one ?

Is there RSS syndication built-in ? I really need that. With the possibility to merge multiple RSS sources in one timeline, or filter by keywords in one or multiple sources.

I'm really loving that you work on Spotify integration, sounds really great.

Will there be others streaming services ? Like Dezzer, VEVO, Last.FM ?

I'm thinking about a feature, could we long-click on a media in the dashboard and send it to a DLNA compatible unit ?

Will there be a file manager built-in ?

I have plenty of ideas on how to use your dashboard...

I'm really excited about it, and i do think i'm not the only one...

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