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What's your favorite Galaxy Nexus ROM?

Stacy Bruce

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I'm on codename Android right now too but will very likely be switching to AOKP this weekend. They just hit milestone 3 and the feature list has gotten to impressive to ignore. On a side note, I'm plenty happy with the tuna kernel. 14-15 hours of battery life on average and plenty more if I try to make it last

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I like Codename Android as well, but I too am wondering about what else is out there. Tranquil Ice is now at v7.0h and looks like v8.0 is coming out soon. Jim can you post a link to the AOKP ROM here. I wanted the latest and greatest of Codename (v.1.2.0) but everytime I send a text message my Gnex ends up restarting.

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Codename Android now updated to 1.3.0, has some amazing changes :D




### 1.3.0

* common: the ability to switch the recents button with search (codenamedroid)

* common: adb over network (CM)

* common: fixed init.d start-up tweaks

* common: reverted backlight on by default

* common: Speaker Proximity Sensor (phone -> settings -> dialpad settings -> speaker proximity settings)

* common: Customizable nav button glow speed (original idea - crushd, settings rommanbb)

* common: Quick unlock - Unlock password/pin lockscreen without pressing enter button (Danesh)

* common: Powerkey shutter - Allows user to use the power key to take pictures/videos (Danesh - camera settings -> power shutter)

* common: Updates to phone and contacts app (CM)

* common: Updated and reorganized performance settings

* common: Overclocking settings now displays your "Current Frequency" (CM)

* common: moved disable boot animation to performance settings

* common: reverted "smooth zooming" in the camera (not much smoother and caused small graphical glitch")

* common: customizable menu visibility and location

(original idea - Paul Obrien, settings - romanbb, fixed to update imediately (no reboot needed) and modified for CNA - codenamedroid)


* common: new battery options (miui, cm, romanbb, sethyx, kejar)

updated miui battery bar code for customizable thickness

and location, and customizable battery sytle including

circlemod and the ability to completely turn it off)


* common: huge lockscreen cleanup and configurablilty update (codenamedroid)

the lock screen layout is now no longer dependent on the number of

targets, there are unlock_right configurations for all number of

targets, and there are new layouts: stock, stock w/centered ring, big

clock, and big clock w/centered ring

switching search for recents


* Galaxy Nexus: increased speaker volume (codenamedroid)

* Galaxy Nexus: update to codename android kernel 1.3.2

* Nexus S (GSM/CDMA): fixed hdpi lockscreen graphics

* Nexus S (CDMA): updated proprietaries and build fingerprint to 4.0.4



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