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Lost my list of ringtones - HTC One X


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I've just tried adding an MP3 into my list of ringtones by putting it in the Ringtones directory using ES File Explorer. I then went into Settings -> Sound -> Phone Ringtone (where I then got a list of ringtones), pressed Add, selected my new MP3, and pressed OK. However, when this took me back to the list of ringtones, they had vanished - all I get it a blank screen with the option to delete (see attached screenshot). If I press delete, the Apply button at the bottom changes to Cancel. Pressing Cancel brings me back to exactly the same place again.




The new ringtone does seem to be working, but obviously I'd like to get my full list back as well.


Anyone come across this before?






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Hey Duncan, I am experiencing the same problem ... I have no idea how to fix it but i did find a way around it.

I installed the zedge.net app and you can download and change your ringtones with it.
I hope this helps you at least until there is a fix for the problem.

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Thanks, both. Stoykov, I'll try your workaround so that I can at least get back to being able to access the ringtones.


Urstrinath - although I don't have a flash card (the One X doesn't have a card slot!), I do have a lot of music on the phone so I guess that must be the culprit. Do you know whether there are any moves afoot to correct this?

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