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How to download free music for Android?

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Video and music surely play an important role in entertainment on Android smartphones and tablets. so how to download free music for Android or how to get free music for Android? Here I would like to share 3 best ways to get free music to Android phone or Android tablet.


1.Get free hot music without Virus via PC 

When we download things from the web, the thing we may be worried about is if it is not safe. So, I just want to suggest you to recording the music from the music streaming website with an audio recording tool on PC. Fresh, isn’t it? And you can just find your favorite music on the Internet and then record it and transfer it to your Android. Not complicated to get free hot music.



2.Use free Android apps to download free music for Android

Of course, there are some free Android apps letting us download free music on Android. But note that free music may be something kind of old and unpopular. Then all you need to do is download a free music download app, install and launch it, and finally search and download music.

For free music downloading app for Android, I would like to suggest Download free music MP3 App and MP3 Music Download Pro. Download Free music MP3 app is very simple but useful in searching and downloading millions of free music and MP3s from public search engine. MP3 Music Download Pro offers the similar service like Download Free music MP3 app, but the music can be downloaded with lyric and Album cover. The highlight of MP3 Pro is you can cut the songs you downloaded and set them as ringtones.



3.Go to Website to download free music for Android
Indeed, there are some websites which offers the free music, and benefiting from the technology, our Android smartphones and tablets can download free music from the website just like PC. You can check these safe and legal websites: Amazonccmixterlast.fmfreemusicarchive and more. Note that, these free music are probably not the hot music or the music on the radio.




How to Download Free Music for Android Phone or Android Tablet?


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I like how there's music apps for android where you can download music for offline listening , for one low monthly price. A few I know of that offer this are Mog, Rdio, and Rhapsody. 




and you can use wifi to do that so you're not using up your own data which is good. 


I know of tools that let you record streaming music which you mentioned in #1 (I forget the names.) technically that's illegal but authorities probably wouldn't know if you did that, right? converting a YouTube video to mp3 would be another way but that's probably illegal too (if you don't have the rights to the music that is) 


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