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Before I begin, I'll confess to being an Apple man and I'll probably stay an apple man, I'm not here to attack android phones/tablets, just get a little clarification from some android users,


I have the three iphone 4, four iPhone 3GS, ipad 2, ipad mini in my immediate family, and I can't wait from the newest models of these to be released,


My questions are, 1 are the apps cheaper on the google marketplace,

2 is music free or is it a case of downloading from websites that give music free illegally,

3 do the android devices do anything that makes my iOS devices appear in the dark ages,


I understand that some things are going to be easier to do on different devices, but I keep being told that with apple I have to pay for everything,

Not the case, I've loaded my music on iTunes and that's free, most apps are free to try obviously not full program's. can someone clarify please.

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Also as I understand android, correct me if I'm wrong, when a new android version is released it is not made for a specific device, in fact not all android devices will work fully, but the individual manufactures will amend and tweak the new os until it does work on there devices or simply not bother.

Does this also mean that new apps will possible not work on older versions of the android os's, how much support does the marketplace give to the older devices?

Thank you for any help


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