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Love smart digital,love life


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I am an IT engineer,

Graduated from the school for 2 years

i am falling in love with digital

i have a android mobile--Samsung Galaxy SⅡ

perfect mobile

anther is iphone 4

My first IOS phone

Great phone

Steve Jobs

a special CEO

“stay hungry,stay foolish” --Jobs

I admired him

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Cheers Maciej,


I guess it all depends on if you're closed-minded or open-minded. Android is "open", but I admit I'm closed-minded so I am not a fan of Stevie, although I do respect him. I wish I could enjoy both Android and Apple and not take it so "personal," but I do. I give kudos to those that can enjoy both platforms without all the hangups because there is good and bad with both.

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You are right and I just showed something like the statement of Apple haters :) But it doesn't change the fact that I didn't like Jobs. Maybe he was genial visionary, but in private life he was not a good person for other people. He had money but he didn't like to share it with poor ones, like Bill Gates does. But I won't tell more just because we shouldn't speak ill of dead people.

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