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Hello Guys, I Need Your Help.

Bikash Kc

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I'm doing computer engineering in Japan. I'm currently in Korea for a small seminar. I'm 4th year student.It means I have to make a graduation project. I'm thinking of making application for android devices. Because these days android's are rocking.


Right now, I'm thinking of making an project related to job. These days it's hard to find job. So, I think of an job application where you can find job just clicking on this app around you whereever you are.

I'm thinking of adding to differentiate the things like Full Time /Part Time, Experience, Salary, etc. You can call this app as a "Job at your door".


I didn't think of the UI interface and what other menu I can add to make it more functional.

Plz provide with the information what menus can I add more inside it and buttons or anything you can suggest me.

Another thing I want if you provide or add the things like main functions, Development methods, more menus or ideas and also any improvement we have seen in other apps around us before creating it.



Finally, I want the whole design from running this app towards its end with design if possible I'm bad in designing the things.

I hope you guys understand. Plz help me. I trust this site will help me and give better idea to proceed


Thanks to Studentshagout team and all members and my friends

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It looks you can use Google App Inventor for this project: http://beta.appinventor.mit.edu

The main function will be a search engine where you can choose for example type, location and salary. It's very easy with App Inventor, where you can find "Web" component that provides http GET and POST functions. Using it you can make a search engine integrated with popular japanese website with job offers. In this app with beautiful UI you will choose what you're looking for, press "Find" and then you will get search results form jobs.jp or something like this. directly to your app. Of course you can also add a lot of functions, components and other stuff. It's so easy and App Inventor has very good help/support, with all components summaries, documentation and many tutorials: http://beta.appinventor.mit.edu/learn/


PS. My graduation project is also about developing stuff for android, but I'm planning something bigger, integrated with special servers and with nice features for students/lecturers ;-)

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