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newbie question


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hi, considering getting myself one of these tablets and i have newbie question must have answer to.

Does the app store on your pc run hidden when you are not using it?

Had alot of problems with itunes this way and afraid to make the switch if its just the same thing.


Also look at the resources tab and see if android is uploading any data over to somewhere. I really wanna keep my bandwidth to a minimal. 




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haha no app store is just a website and does not run hidden on your pc, like the itunes which runs constantly, Google play store is a website like yahoo.com ones closed its gone. Yes your app store icon will stay on your mobile and keep you updated about the changes in your app.

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No app store doesn't runs on back ground. yes like Neena said it will stay on your device to keep you updated about the changes. And yes if you have select the settings to auto update app then it would update whenever new updates arrives.  :rolleyes:  :rolleyes:  :rolleyes:  :rolleyes:


For more information please visit www.rapidsofttechnologies.com 

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