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I'm relatively new to android, only 8-9 months user. Though tried many apps and games on my HTC One. Many ware free and some ware paid. I liked most Draw Something. It's just an amazing apps, I must say. For gaming, I love to play comparatively non-violent shooting games. Now I'm playing An Ultimate Hunt. I want to share some details of this game.


Here, you have to shoot as many birds as you can in a limited time. Fine for wrong bird shooting. Birds even attack you. Very addictive to me because it's sound and graphics also much better.


I'll install Temple Run also within some days. Saw this game on my friends mobile. I liked that also.

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I agree with Meganoid!! It's an awesome game :) My other favourite games are:


1. Scramble With Friends

2. Ninja Royale

3. Doodle Grub

4. Wind-Up Knight


I love RPGs too!! Here's a list of my favourite games:

1. Elphis Adventure

2. Advena

3. Inotia 3

4. Seed 3

5. Zenonia 4


I often use this app called Applorer to help me find the best free games on Google Play. If you're an avid Android gamer, you can download it from Google Play to try it out too! It's free. :)

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1. Block Struggle - very very addictive game that can be played against friends or offline


2. Rumble - also very addictive, but still a bit buggy on android. Better on iPhone


3. Scramble With Friends - very addictive game as well.


I really enjoy all these games where you can play against your friends :D

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