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Scrollbar in a EditText dynamically/programmatically in Android


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I know how to add a scrollbar through the xml layout properties such that there is a bar in the right side of the Edittext field once we write code in it by making setSingleline(false).

My question is :-

is there a way to do the same through the activity , that is, dynamically? for eg:-

Code is :-

public class abc extends Activity

EditText edit = (EditText)findViewById(R.id.EditText1);


These two functions does not work. When i add these , i still am not able to see the scrollbar on the rightside of the Edittext when i scroll..

Through XML, when we add :- android:scrollbars="vertical" , then we are able to see the scrollbar..

I am asking for a WORKING way to do it through the activity dynamically or in other words programatically without adding any code in the layout file

Please its urgent. I would sincerely be thankful. 



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