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Error message"No Root Access"!

Guest vyverjet

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Guest vyverjet

Dear friends,

                       I hope that i am posting in the right forum! First off, my greetings to all! I have a Samsung Galaxy Note GT N7000 with Android version 4.0.4(ICS), Baseband ver. N7000DDLR1,kERNEL VER. 3.0.15- 1163394 [email protected] #3 SMP PREEMPT MonNow 5 17:29:14 KST 2012, BUILD NUMBER  IMM76D.DDLRB, SSN-N7000GSMH and FCC ID-A3LGT19220. I have used ROOT CHECKER only to find out that i have "No Root Access"! After reading a few articles on "how to root" i have downloaded 2 .zip files to the External SD card, 1) mswinerr.zip and 2) Root_Super SU.0.95 Only-signed.zip. I request all knowledgeable members to help me out so as to gain ROOT ACCESS(sorry for the caps)! The purpose of all this is to upgrade my Note N7000 to JellyBean and frankly i am confused as to how to go about it. I know(from subscribed Android Newsletters) that Samsung Kies is not the right way to proceed! Thank you all for reading my post and will be grateful for all the help! Another point i wish to clarify is that when i checked for updates, it turns out that i have no updates to download. In this article i found out that no upgrade is available specifically for my model of NOTE 7000 : http://www.sammobile.com/firmwares/1/?model=GT-N7000&pcode=INU#firmware




                                                                                    vyverjet :wacko: :(









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