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cant delete apps

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Turn on the phone: Hit Menu > Manage Applications >

From here it should give you a list of stuff installed on your phone.

Find the program you don't want.

Click on it.

Then you should have an option at the top to Uninstall it.


Another way to get into Manage Applications is to

Turn on the Phone

Hit Menu

Press Settings

Scroll down to Applications

In Applications you should see Manage Applications.


Then removing is the same as stated above.

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If they are not on your Phones List of applications then they are not installed on your phone.

So no worries. Anything you buy from the Google Play store will always show up on your applications List in the Google Play Apps section just to let you know what Programs you Own. Even if you don't want them installed.


Just as Maciej stated above.

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Was the app downloaded under another persons Google account? Or maybe a different account of your own? Either of these will not allow you to download the app again unless you are signed in to the particular account that purchased it. If you are talking about free apps then you should be able to download them no matter what.

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I noticed that after installing some cracked apps they are shown in Google Play as bought. But when I've got notification that there are updates for them, I can't install these updates (error) and even if I delete these cracked apps, I can't buy them - they are still "bought".

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