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Rooting the Transformer and CWM Issues

Jack Holt

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I don't know if any of you guys out there are wanting to or haven't rooted already but I used the ViperMOD Primetime tool found here to root my tablet and it was quick and painless. Once I rooted the device I flashed Codename Android but found I missed some of the aspects the Asus rom had (mostly widgets). Then I installed ROM manager and flashed Clockwork before reading about the issues it caused. So with that being said. Whatever you guys do, until it gets fixed, do not install clockwork recovery from ROM manager. It causes a bug where you reboot into Clockwork by default and it takes a bit of ADB magic to get out. This can be troublesome if you are having reboot issues where the tablet spontaneously reboots on its own because it will reboot into clockwork and the battery will die as the tablet just remains on. Just a word of caution.


I'm curious, what root methods have you guys had success with and are any of you having this clockwork recovery issue?

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