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Saving pics on memory stick to a tablet for viewing.


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I have bought a Fusion 5 Xra Tablet.

To date I have not used it much because I have not come to grips with the way it operates. Now  I want to save some pictures to the tablet. I copied the file containing the pictures on to a memory stick from my laptop and using a mini usb cable and stick I have viewed the pictures on the tablet via a photo app that came with the tablet. So far so good.  But I can't find any way of saving the pictures to the tablet i.e. when I remove the memory stick the tablet shows a message "SD card unexpectantly removed"

Can anyone help?

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Try selecting the pictures from the memory stick and it you look B)  B)  :rolleyes:  :rolleyes:  closely there wiil be a icon for copying select it and paste on tablet memory. Copy option will be displayed on the top right side. :rolleyes:  :rolleyes:  Let me know if it works for you !!! :ph34r: 


For more information please visit www.rapidsofttechnologies.com 

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