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Android Tablets problem


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Hi !!

Recently I've bought a china tablet. It was working good, but unfortunately I had done something wrong & now the tablet creates too many problems, such as ...

1. It won't display all the font labels. eg: not showing the labels of settings, camera etc in the menu.




2. When I try to install any apk file, most of the texts are black, so I can't even choose ok or cancel button, but the button highlight instead.


3. In the Settings menu, icons are ok but without any texts.




4. When I press the turn off button, the menu appears without any text but buttons.




What should I do? Some installed games run ok with full texts......... So I guess this is not the problem of display rather the operating system.......... Any help from the experts??


OS: Android 4.0.4
Ram: 512 MB
Model: L29i


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