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Rooted Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 corrupts music library;


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Dear All,

First post in here so bear with me while I catch up. 
Web developer here trying to get to grips with rooting brand new Galaxy S4.
I scouted the net for correct info on how to root and install custom recovery and finally managed to root using a HOWTO from here using ODIN on windows although I am a mac user.
First of all I have a 64GB sd card installed on my phone formatted and filled with mp3 files imported using Kies(Mac) that play perfectly using the 3/samsung stock firmware.
Unfortunately once I have managed to root and install custom recovery only (not custom rom - although I have already tried several of them of which Foxhound is my favorite) in order to have the stock volume increased, the majority of the music files seems to be corrupted and either the stock music player or others fail to play these files.

I have had to unroot the device and re-installed stock 3/samsung rom form sammobile for the files to be recognized again but only wiping the sdcard and re-importing the files via kies or android file transfer app.

Is anyone aware of any fix or having same issues with rooted device?

Furthermore I thought that my sdcard was corrupted and therefore tried several of them but to no avail as issue continued happening.

Is this an issue specifically related to the Galaxy S4?

I previously owned a Galaxy S3 which was rooted and had custom rom installed and never experience a similar issue.

Meanwhile can anyone suggest a way I can increase the sound volume using stock rom without rooting the device?

Thank you very much in advance.

Mirco Scaramucci


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