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HELP- apps installing automatically


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Firs-time poster here, hoping someone can help me with an issue.


Idiot here accidentally left an E FUN Nextbook (NX008HD8G- Android 4.1.1, Kernel version3.0.8-g1a280e6, Build number JRO03C.v009) lying out without locking the screen.  Someone, as a joke, put it on a particularly lurid porn site while I was away. That's when the trouble started.


I now have apps (mostly games, but today I got 'Bankruptcy Helper') automatically installing themselves on the tablet (and also on my older Android phone!).  I've installed Trend Micro Mobile Security, Air Push Detector and Norton Halt on the app, and run scans on all of them.  I've checked settings on Google Play.  I've done everything I can think to do.  (On the phone, I've installed Avast, AVG, and Air Push.)  The apps keep coming, about one every day.


I would greatly appreciate any suggestions and/or help!  It doesn't seem to be a huge issue, just quite an annoyance to have to keep deleting the apps.  (However, I *am* having fun toying with smacking the prankster with said tablet....)


Be well


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This usually happens when you download application that triggers downloading of mutipIe app. I think you should first cross check your tablet if you have accidently installed that app try revising the app you have installed and review its permission. if you found any suspected app uninstall it. Let me know if it works for you. :) 

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