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Is it possible to recover crashed pictures from android mobile phone?


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By my mistake all pictures deleted from android mobile phone. I was stupid. I had pressed a wrong key of my android mobile. That why all pictures deleted. I am looking for solution to recover my pictures.

Is there any suggestion for recovery of lost pictures from android mobile phone?

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You can use T2J photo recovery application from the play store but it only works for S2 and S3 devices. Full recovery might not be possible but if you are using samsung s2 or s3 there might be chances. Let me know if it works for you. :unsure:  :)   :mellow:  :mellow:  :huh:  :huh:  :huh:

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Yes, of course you can. I have met this problem before, the steps I show as follow is the simply way. You can read and try to recover your deleted photos from Android phone.

Step 1. Run the program and connect your Android device to your computer  
Step 2. enable USB debugging 
Step 3. Scan your Android device 
Step 4. Preview and restore photos from Android
Best luck!
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In my personal experiences, it is not difficult to restore deleted data back from a phone memory card.


1). Do not save anything new on this phone card in case of data loss.


2). Plunge this card to your computer and apply a card data recovery tool to restore all your wanted pictures back at first, like 4Card Recovery, Recuva and PhotoRec, etc.


No matter which one you choose to use, you’d better act carefully.


3). Save and back up all restored data on another drive or card in case of data recovery failure.


Note: Never forget to back up everything important well again in the future. 

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