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Help with publishing onto Android

Aaron Tsai

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Hey guys, I'm having some troubles getting my flash files to publish properly on androids.


So I'm a flash animator and trying to convert my stuff to apps to play on androids but I'm just killing myself over trying to get it to even play on the damn thing. I really don't have much knowledge about this stuff so sorry if this sounds really noobish.


I'm using adobe flash cs5.5, actionscript 3.0, AIR for android.


I got all the right drivers installed, android reads as a usb, certificates created, etc. Publish settings should be all fine, but once I try to publish it gives me the error message.


"Device Error: please check if there is enough space on the device"


followed by


"The APK was packaged successfully, but a warning occurred.



Warning: Application has not specific permission requirements in application.xml"


I definitely do have enough space on the device so I'm pretty sure that isn't the problem, but yea. Sorry if this is a noobish question but its just driving me insane at this point.



Looking around I found this fix


Problem can be solved by uncommenting following code in application descriptor





But however being the application dumbass I am, I have no clue as to where the "

application descriptor"

is or where I can even find and modify the .xml file.

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Look for the "AndroidManifest.xml" file, it is the main application descriptor where all the requirements for your application are described. Are you building directly from Flash ? I am not familiar with this process - though I know it exists - but you should be able to specify app permissions which would be translated to the AndroidManifest descriptor. Can't you find this .xml file in the project folder and resolve it manully ?

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