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So, a while ago, no apps would install to my SD card, and I don't quite remember what I did, but I hooked my phone up to my computer and changed the installation path, now nothing will install! Please help me. I've been browsing on these forums for a while but all result into some cache, which has nothing to do with this.


Also, if I do fix my installation path, how can I get my phone to use my SD card?

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Step for phone to use  SD card as default installation : 


  • On your android tablet or phone, tap the app drawer icon from the home screen.

  • From the displayed list, tap My files icon.

  • From the opened window, from the top right corner, tap the icon with four horizontal lines.

  • From the displayed menu, tap the Settings option.

  • On the opened Settings window, under the Select directories in the left, tap the Set home directory option. :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

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