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newbie question: what is a good solution to get mobile wifi to tablet?


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first wanted to say thanks for the forum and all the topics that I can learn from.


I just got my first tablet a Nexus 7 without any network connection.  I exist on a limited budget and have a $30 month unlimited cell phone plan with metro pcs.  I have to upgrade to $40/month before they will allow me to get a $10/month hotspot.  I've researched and found I can either:


1. root my metro phone and use an app for a hotspot to my tablet.  (I've also read that this won't work)

2. buy a monthly hotspot device from Sprint or another company


is there any other possible solutions I missed?  Thanks

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If your metro phone is running android then you can tether your device for internet sharing with your nexus tablet. 

If your phone supports Android then goto setting>more settings>tethering and portable hotspot>protable hotspot

you can use it to tether it for your nexus device. Or if your metro phone doesn't support android then try installing joiku wi-fi . 

And don't be in confusion that it will not work it will work i ve tried it by creating hotspot through my S4 to nexus 5.  :rolleyes:  :rolleyes:  :rolleyes:

Go for it !!! 

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