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galaxy s4 email client and gmail alias


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I am new to Galaxy and Gmail.


I have an ipad, galaxy s4 mini and a gmail account.


I have a web site hosted by a company.  The service comes with email forwarding, which means I have an email address "name@mydomain", which has been setup to forward emails to "[email protected]".


[email protected] has been set up with an additional "Send As" address of "name@mydomain".


On the ipad, I have managed to set up an email account "name@mydomain".  

I set it up manually  as an IMAP account with:

- Incoming Server "imap.gmail.com", user "[email protected]", and

- Outgoing Server "smtp.gmail.com", same user.  

With this setup, if I Reply to emails sent to "name@mydomain", the recipient sees them as coming from "name@mydomain", rather than "[email protected]".


On the Galaxy S4, I can't seem to get this set up.


I have tried the same "Manual" set up of an email account on the s4.  But if I Reply to an email that has been sent to "name@mydomain", the Reply is received with the Sender set to "[email protected]".


I've seen some posts about using "Gmail" client to get access to gmail alias, I'm not sure if the "email" on the s4 is that client.  I'd rather just use the email client as I have a couple of other accounts set up in there working ok.  On the s4 I can set up a "google" account, which includes sync with gmail.  Not sure if I need that and the email account (I have set up both, but it makes no difference).








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in Android email client : if you look closely you can see your name at the top left corner, click it and select the approriate email add !! because what i am getting after seeing your question is you might have multiple email client configured and you might be using the different one for sending mail.


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