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"send email to guests without owners' knowledge"?


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I got a ZTE AWE (4.1 jelly bean) a few weeks ago. My first true smart phone but I didn't activated it yet.


When I check 'App info' for some apps like the Google app, it says:


This app can access the following on your phone:

Your Personal Information: add or modify calendar events and send email to guests without owners' knowledge, read calendar events plus confidential information, read your contacts, read your own contact card, read your web bookmarks and history.


And then a bunch of other things that sort to make sense to me (like when an apps say 'read your confidential information', I assume that is as me and my privacy isn't breached).


What does "send email to guests without owners' knowledge" mean?


Is there anything else I might want to know that my phone's doing? Like if I take pictures and by default they're uploaded to some photo sharing site or something. Or like Is my screen camera always on when I make a call, etc? Stuff like that that they might think is doing users a favor by setting as default, but someone who values their privacy like me wouldn't want.



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