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Who's Sportin' the Evo 3D?

Ed Caggiani

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I have the original Evo.

I contemplated going to the Nexus if/when it comes to Sprint. It is a slick little piece of hardware.

I think I am going to just wait for the quad-cores to drop though before I make another phone purchase.


I almost upgraded to the 3D back when it came out. How do you like the 3D stuff on it?

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The 3D is actually pretty cool. Much better than I would have expected. Overall, it's a great phone, though I have had issues with it overheating in the beginning. Seems to have gotten better with the updates and the uninstalling of some questionable apps :-)


My biggest gripe would be having to wait for ICS since this is a Sense phone. Don't get me wrong, I like Sense, but I hate not getting updates from Google like my Xoom does. I may go Nexus when it comes out, but I guess it all depends on what else is on the horizon.

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I really like Sense. I got to admit though I think I enjoy Vanilla Android more.. The cool features of Sense that I enjoyed I can get via apps.

The only thing I miss is when I turn on my phone you have the animated weather with Sense.

I know there is an app for that, but nothing compares to the actual Sense version.


My Evo will occasionally get hot. It is kind of scary because it almost feels like it is the battery overheating more than anything.

It does not happen much at all now that I am running Cyanogen though.


You could always root. I know the Evo has an ICS ROM, so I bet the Evo 3D does for sure.

Troy (bp9801) over at OCC has the Nexus. He just got it a few months ago and he raved to me about it.. So I think it would be a good and safe choice of a phone to get and keep for the next year or two.

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I haven't looked into what roms are available for the Evo 3D but I think I'll wait for the official ICS to come out from HTC. I always like to see what the latest stock updates are and only root and install a rom after it is known that the phone won't be getting any more updates. I'm weird like that :-)


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Haha! I know what you mean.


What you could do is FreshEvo3D should be an awesome ROM.


I used FreshEvo. flipzmod is the dev of the ROM and he has a built-in updater on the ROM itself so every time Sprint/HTC sends out an update he is usually pretty quick to take it and do whatever it is he does to the Stock Files and tosses it up on his server. Then you can download and install the ROM right from your phone.

FreshEvo3D is just the Stock setup (what you have on right now) with just some tweaks and what-not.

If you went this route you can always stay updated with ease.



Also he got rid of the CarrierIQ thing. http://androidsecuritytest.com/features/logs-and-services/loggers/carrieriq/

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