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How to root my Galaxy Tab, which guide to follow?


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I want to root my Galaxy Tab 2 10.1. There are several guides online, like




The first of these guides says that I need to install Android 4.2.2 first. I have Android 4.0.3. now. Do I really have to update the firmware before rooting the device?


The second of these guides says that I need to install SuperSU. The link to that program has a link to a zipped file, which is damaged and can not be unzipped. 


So I wonder how I should proceed and which guide to follow?

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No no, I am not the OP. I just wanna to see the solved method.

Well, Yuhuanjoan as you can see the OP has posted the two links over his post and both of the links shows hot to root his tab. So, I would say if you are trying to learn out here try looking at the link above. 

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Well @crizzywizzy no rooting your device doesn't removes all the files/apps in your tab ! Nothing will be deleted but its often recommended that you should make a backup of your data before proceeding, because if something goes wrong in the process of rooting your device then you always have the option to roll things back ! :)  One more thing I was thinking as your tab4 is still new means you will be getting updates, so why do you want to root your device ?? Are you looking for some extra perks which came by once you root your device ! 

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