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HELP, wiped out my system

pc novice

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Hi there, I am very new to androids and need your help!!  My first mistake was buying a tablet at the swap meet (flea market), no insurance!  It looked good and was running fine while i was there, once I got home and took it out of the box I noticed a little scratch, no problem I check out what I thought the value to be on a tablet pc running android 4.2 os and figured I saved maybe $20-$40. Again novice!! I should have not have been so cheap, I think I lost $120. Anyhow, once I started messing around with it, it started to freeze constantly.  I kept rebooting it with no luck.  I went into settings and clicked on restore to manufacture settings and since then have not been able to get ANYTHING!!! The jellybean emblem pops up and it goes to android and that's it.  I think I erased ALL Memory, HELP!!!!  

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I think now you should try factory resetting it and if that not works reflash the ROM !! YOu can factory reset it by pressing and holding power+volume up until an Android logo appears after then use the volume keys to navigate to factory rest. try this if this will not work for you let me know i will tell you the steps to flash ROM on your device 

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