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Problem with LG G2 [Rotation]


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This is my first post on this forum but mind that, I got the LG G2 in late October and noticed this problem early on but lived with it and now can't deal with it.


Overall, it's a nice phone. I like the display, battery length, and other features but it won't rotate right. It DOES rotate sometimes but not when I want it to. I'll be sitting up and set it down and every once in a while it will rotate but I have to click home and restart that app for it to go back. I have auto-rotation on most of the time but tried without it and still nothing. I watched a video and the rotation worked perfectly, but no matter how I try, it just won't work. Is it a faulty device? Will my insurance cover it? It's unusual since I had a Droid RAZR as my last phone and that worked perfectly, this is odd and quite annoying. 


Appreciate any help!

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