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how can i root my lg-p509V10l

alvin nah

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-Make sure you have a good charge on your phone. I suggest starting with a full charge.
-From the home screen of your phone press Menu > Settings > Applications > check mark "unknown sources". This will allow you to install Z4Root without an error.
-From the home screen of your phone press Menu > Settings > Applications > Development > check mark "USB debugging". This is necessary for Z4Root to work.
-You need to go to the market and download Astro File Manager (free)
-You need to download Android Terminal Emulator (free)

1) Open Astro file manager and Press Menu > More > Preferences > Check mark "enabled browser downloads". This will let you download apk's and zip files straight from the phones browser.
2) Download the app Z4Root.
3) Once you've downloaded z4root, open Astro file manager and do the following:
SDcard > Download (not to be confused with downloads) > Click on the file z4root1.3.0.apk. Select "open in app manager" from the menu that pops up and then click install, then click install again. 
IMPORTANT NOTE - If you did not follow the requirements about allowing "unknow sources", you will get a pop-up saying you need to make that change. Please don't skip ahead again tongue.png
4) Open z4root and click the Root button. When It's finished it will reboot your phone, and when the phone restarts, you should now have an application in your app drawer called " Super User".

Congratulation. You have just rooted ! :rolleyes:  :rolleyes: 

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