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Best Free and New Android Games in 2013

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I have found these new and great Android games and share it in the following.

1.Grand Battle--MMO Strategy:War

If you want to find a realistic MMO strategy game, then just try Grand Battle.You act as a commander to lead your army, tanks, and real battle forces to launch a bloody war against your enemy in the fierce battlefield.And the game has updated to 6.3.1 which offers you a very awesome interface.



Terraria is an arcade game which players will explore different environments, dig, build, and fight. Terraria features over 75 monsters, 5 bosses, and an exclusive Android pet. While playing the game, players will receive notifications that they can purchase the paid version for $4.99.

3.Layton Brothers Mystery Room 


Layton Brothers Mystery Room is a new crime-solving mystery game from Level-5 Inc. Players need to follow Inspector Alphendi Layton and his new partner, Detective Constable Lucy Baker, as they work extraordinary cases in the "Mystery Room" in Scotland Yard. Uncover details behind each crime, examine suspicious objects, and call in witnesses to see if they have anything to hide. See if you can solve the mystery of all nine files.

4.Madden NFL 25


Madden NFL 25 by EA Sports will give football fans the ultimate football experience. Choose your favorite NFL players and build the perfect team. Dominate the field and take on friends in offensive shootout mode. Madden NFL 2 features sharp gameplay and realistic graphics.

5.Final Fantasy All The Bravest


Final Fantasy: All the Bravest is an action game developed by Square Enix Co., Ltd. Battle enemies and advance to different stages. To unleash an attack simply tap a character. Defeat Final Fantasy foes and add more members to your team. Unlock over 20 different jobs including warrior, red mage, monk, and more. At the end of each stage, players can battle the Final Fantasy boss.



Best 5 Free and New Android Games in 2013


Anyone has other suggestions?




In the following, there will be a suggestions from other good people.


Galaxy Wars TD (suggested by chrissyhume)


Android Sports Games (Suggested by danyjerry53 )


Asphalt 8: Airborne  (Suggested by John Farrell)



New Found Fun Games


SlotWiz - free casino slots( A free casino slots game, very fun)

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