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Is it possible to develop C/C++ without use of NDK/Mosync?


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  I am a newbie to Android development. I have tested a running Android application on the eclipse IDE which calls a native C function through a native call (via NDK).


  Assuming that I have full access to the device, could I first install GNU GCC/G++, create a C/C++ task that sits on the Linux Kernel.

And have some means to make a call from the Application layer all the way down to this task?


  The rationale for using C was to create a single code base for all forms of operating systems.

From Mobile OS, normal OS (Linux, Windows, Mac -  In C/C++ there are frameworks that already supported the threading/sockets/memory for handling different operating system. Eg. Boost. ) and Real-time OS.


  Is there any forum dedicated to NDK or Linux Kernel for Android?


Thanks & Best Regards,

Kah Wai

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