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Samsung LTE wanting to switch from Sprint to Straight Talk


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Has anyone switched a Samsung LTE over to Straight Talk?  I attempted to cancel my service with Sprint (contract was up).  Straight Talk gave me a code to enter upon cancelling and my phone is telling me that I still need a "passcode" to activate.  The passcode I use for my Sprint account does not work. Does anyone know if the phone needs to to be unlocked or jailbroken?  Sorry, I am really really new to all this! 


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I have tried switching to Straight Talk and guess what it's successfully done !! I have started to love it, previously i don't know about this service but after you mentioned it here i tried to use it and yes........ its all done !! I am sorry i don't know why it is not working for you but i would say thanks for telling me about such a good service. :D

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