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Hi ,


I need to create an alarm in android.I have already created repeating alarms.But this time i need to create an alarm that repeats on a particular day at particular interval.For example i have to set an alarm for 10:30 am on sun,mon,tue.The alarm start ringing at 10:30 am and it can repeat after a fixed interval of time time,say 30minutes.That is alarm rings at 10:30 ,11:00,11:30 etc..on sun,mon,tue.How can i solve my requirement?Please help me?

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yes you could do that if you look closely to the alarm setting you have created you will find a option saying Alarm Repeat  Use it to set it accordingly like if you want the alaram to rand on sun,mon,and tue on 10.30 then set Alarm repeat to sun,mon,tue and it you want 11.00 then create another that rings... respectively.  

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