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Browsers hijacked

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Hi all.

Hope someone can help out, as I am not able to save my own selected homepage.

Tablet: GT90X. Android 4.2.2. Firmware Version 2.

I am using 2 browsers, built in and Firefox. When ever I select them, they both open to annoying commercial websites one for Payday loans and the Get Rich quick. I have tried - through settings/other and typed in the address that I want to set as my home page and tried it out and worked, went to another site and selected back to my homepage and the annoying sites came back. I then tried typing int eh address I wanted, selected settings, selected Current Page, tried the same thing again and got the same results - back to the annoying sites. I've checked for a Save button, but there isn't one. I had one suggestion to save my apps to an SD card and carry out a factory reset, but would I not be saving the BHJ?


I have run AVG and Malwarebytes, but nothing found.  I downloaded CCleaner from the Google Play Store, but that app only opened up Apps Of The Day, so I've uninstalled the app. Now I can't get rid of the shortcut.

What is going on?


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try to clearing the data stored by the FireFox browser you can do that by visiting taskmanager>downloaded> click on the firefox and then press the clear data and clear cache button. 

Many thanks for your reply and suggestion, John.  I will give it a go a bit later, if I get the time.

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